Melbourne Pack is a fun, friendly running group in Melbourne’s southern bayside area. It caters for all ages and types of distance runners.

One of Australia’s most experienced coaches, Sean Williams, can help you reach your running goals with a personalized training program.

He can either cater for runners within the Melbourne Pack running groups, with one on one sessions (Individual running coaching) or through his proven online running coaching.

Melbourne Pack

The Triples Treaders (TTT) is a group comprised of three teenage boys who are all national level athletes at their respective distances.

They all share the goal of competing for Australia at international competitions such as the World U20 Athletics Championships, Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

TTT came together in July, 2016, and the three boys also created a joint Instagram account (@triple_treaders) to post about their journey.

Follow their account as it continues to grow and hear about their training and racing results.

The Triple Treaders